Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wireless Dog Fence 2012 – You’re Awareness at time of installation

So you have decided to install Affordable Wifi Dog Fences 2012. Now, you need to take care of few things before you actually install it.

Make sure the area which you are going to delve into does not have any underground wires or pipelines passing in case you have opted for underground system.

Buy it only from the company which provides you the fence, installation, warrantee and guidance on training the dog.

Once it is installed then make sure it is working properly before the company representative leaves

Make sure you understand basic mechanism of dog collar and wireless dog fence

Prepare a list of queries that you would like to ask to the company representative and ask him when he is at your place.

Gain complete knowledge of how to train your dog from him. Some of the companies also offer the training programs. If this is possible the go for it,

Train your dog.

Put bright colored flags on the restricted lines. Now, place some attraction other side of the line. When you dog tires to cross the line he gets a mild current which he would definitely not enjoy.

However all he understands is that whenever he goes near to the flags he gets current. So, over time he will develop a habit of not going close to the area where the flags are placed.

Now, enjoy the tension free days.

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