Thursday, May 3, 2012

Affordable Electric Dog Fences 2012 - Ultimate Options for your loving pet

Having a house in countryside, I have always preferred a dog keeping in my house.

In the initial stage I lost 2 dogs with my preference to give them freedom and by not keeping any boundary lines for them.

One met with an accident and one never come back. Not to forget always coming back home dirty and some time with bruises.

Later on, for my third dog I decided to install a dog fence and preferred a wooden fence on electric dog fence.

Giving a shock to my dog could never appeal me.

One day after the heavy snow, my dog got a chance to move out of the wooden railing as snow decreased the high of it by almost 60 inches and, made me realize that this was not a good option after all.

However, he came back in few minutes realizing being in house is a better option to survive.

The season changed and in one rainy night I was cooking inside and my dog was not inside the house.

I thought he must be in the front yard chasing behind some squirrel or enjoying that natural shower bath.

After few hours when I went out to look for him I found a hole near the wooden fence. This was it.

The wet sand has surely helped him to dig beneath the rail and move out.

Very next day I call for the wireless electric fence installer and got it installed in the front and backyard of my house.

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