Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wireless Electric Dog Fence 2012 Installation

(1) Wireless electric dog fence are preferred by many as this will not spoil the beauty of your landscape. The steps to install such fence are as given below:

(2) Study and decide the parts or area you want to install your electric dog fence. This can be one single area or two or three various parts of the house.

(3) Contact your zonal authority or the utility providers to insure the area you have chose do not have any utility pipes or wires going beneath.

(4) Calculate the amount of single strand wires you will require. There are chances of errors or wrong calculations. So, always buy yourself 10-15 percent additional wire to be used.

(5) Mark the entire area before digging. You can use the special equipments which cut only the part of ground which is required to bury the wires. This will make your work clean and faster. You may need special saw to cut the obstacle coming in your way.

(6) Now install a transmitter to produce radio signal. Connect the end of the wire to this transmitter and make sure transmitter is fixed in weather –resistant area. Plug in the adaptor which will indicate the power on or off with its light-bulb. Check the connections before you start the transmitter.

(7) Keep the flags or other indicative props to distinguish the border line. Now fix the special collar in your dog’s neck and start giving him training to be inside the borders.

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