Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best Electric Dog Fence 2012 - Health Issues to Consider

Electric dog fence are effective but it may give long term health issue to your dog.

Selecting electric dog fence may give you your desired result of keeping your dog in safer zone and you don’t have to worry about spoiling the look of the Garden or landscape.

However, one should also think about the side effects and the pain it will give to your dog.

Every time your dog goes to the prohibited area he gets a shock. This can cause a lot of health issues for him. There have been some human experiment conducted and it was proven that it was not that easy was enough painful to make your dog hobble or sick.

The sudden shock can also impact on his heart and lungs. After a long time their skin around the neck as many times the collars are not skin friendly.

The worst is psychological effect. Some dogs may start panicking and in sever case starts getting seizure attacks.

They may refuse to go out of house totally with fear. The shock therapy also causes laziness which will bring weight gaining due to lack of exercise.

The dog also start getting panicked for other training sessions and start feeling that it may get electric shock for other behavior as well.

This type of psychological stress may leads to other physical issues.

There is nothing wrong and drawing the boundary line for your dog but one should think and worry about their dog’s health before selecting the type of dog fence to get installed.

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