Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Best Underground Dog Fence Reviews 2012

People are normally confused about which dog fence should they opt for their pet. This dog fence reviews will help you in making a choice for the best one that suits your requirements.

There are many wireless dog fences in the market. Since there is no patent for a dog fence, these are manufactured with many variations and according to the developments introduced by them.

However, with any of them, the dog owners can be guaranteed to get great results, though it is better to look at a variety for them for the best quality and the lowest prices.

There are a few points to consider before choosing a dog fence:

You must know what kind of material is present in the dog fence. You should know what the manufacturer is offering you. Look at the cost and see if it is more than what others are offering for the same stuff.

Decide upon the length of the fence. See how tall it is. If you have a big dog like a Great Dane, then opt for the taller ones.

The various types of dog fences are:

The Wooden Slat Fence: This is also known as the picket fence and is very popular with the homeowners. While this traditional fence is attractive, it is very expensive. Also your pet can easily jump over it and escape.

The Privacy Fence: These are good but have a few disadvantages. They are almost 6 feet tall and block your entire view. Since they are wooden, they are very expensive and the maintenance cost runs high.

The Chain Link Fence: This is mostly used for the commercial dog runs. In this there are pipe posts for supporting the wire that is stretched between them.

The Electric Dog Fence: This is perhaps the best fence and doesn’t even hamper your landscape view. What are the key components of the wireless pet fences that make these such an effective tool in training a dog? There are 3 main components of the entire system:

A wireless transmitter

The water proof collar which your pet wears

A battery module that is water proof

Some people opt for enclosed dog runs. It is a great alternative to setting up the huge fence in your backyard, but did you know that the dog run has to be placed over a cemented area and should be inspected closely?

There are chances that your dog might dig the enclosed dog run. Therefore the best alternative is the electric dog fence which will allow you a piece of mind. Even your dog has the freedom to run and roll in your yard and you can be rest assured that the pet is right there in front of your eyes.

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