Thursday, April 12, 2012

Affordable WiFi Dog Fences 2012 - keep beauty of your house and landscape

Wireless dog fence keep beauty of your house and landscape as it is, while keeping your dog out of prohibited area.

You love to keep a pet dog but you just can’t see them running here and there, out of control. You are always worried if he is gone out of the house and will have dog fight in streets.

You are also the one who feels that even inside the house there should be some areas where dog should not enter.

For requirement like your, there is wireless dog fence available in the market.

To implement typical wireless dog fence one need to dig the area a bit and put in the connected wires in the area you want to cover.

Now, attach the special dog collar to dog’s neck which receives the signal. Whenever your dog will go closer to the prohibited area he will get a very mild current which will be a signal for him not to enter in that area.

You need to give training to your dog in the initial stage and after that they will know where to play and where not to step in.

The latest Wifi Dog Fence is easier to install then the other one.

It comes in a shape of a disk. You keep it in the area you want to restrict and then set the range. You can set the range from 2 ft to 14 ft with standard dog fence.

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