Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wi-Fi Wireless Dog Fence – For better protection

The earlier wireless dog fence system incorporated the RF or radio frequency technology to create a field of containment around the house.

This became instantly popular with the masses as this did not involve any installation, was simple, portable and worked as effectively as the best of electric fencing system.

However, it had the disadvantage of covering an area of around ninety feet only (about half an acre).

This meant that the dog did not used to get enough exercise area in case of large houses or rural properties where half acre certainly wasn’t enough for the dog.

This disadvantage led to the advent of the Wi-Fi wireless dog fence system. Almost every internet user is aware of the property of Wi-Fi technology.

It allows a net browser to use internet on his/her laptop/computer without connecting it to any wires. The working of this pet containment system is quite similar to that of the RF and the wireless containment device but there are more advantages of this system and some of them are mentioned in the following lines.

The biggest pro of this system is that the Wi-Fi wireless dog fence provides protection for a range of two hundred feet which roughly equates to more than 2.5 acres. This is the best improvement over the RF systems.

Although, many consumers have claimed that they would like systems with even better range, this certainly is going to remain the favorite for quite some time. This is because the space offered is very good and provides ample amount of area and physical activity to the dog.

A Wi-Fi wireless dog system beats all its predecessors in providing a safe, healthy and hassle free containment area for a dog and its owner.

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