Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wireless Dog Fence 2012 – You’re Awareness at time of installation

So you have decided to install Affordable Wifi Dog Fences 2012. Now, you need to take care of few things before you actually install it.

Make sure the area which you are going to delve into does not have any underground wires or pipelines passing in case you have opted for underground system.

Buy it only from the company which provides you the fence, installation, warrantee and guidance on training the dog.

Once it is installed then make sure it is working properly before the company representative leaves

Make sure you understand basic mechanism of dog collar and wireless dog fence

Prepare a list of queries that you would like to ask to the company representative and ask him when he is at your place.

Gain complete knowledge of how to train your dog from him. Some of the companies also offer the training programs. If this is possible the go for it,

Train your dog.

Put bright colored flags on the restricted lines. Now, place some attraction other side of the line. When you dog tires to cross the line he gets a mild current which he would definitely not enjoy.

However all he understands is that whenever he goes near to the flags he gets current. So, over time he will develop a habit of not going close to the area where the flags are placed.

Now, enjoy the tension free days.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Innotek IUC 4100 Dog Fences Benefits

Innotek IUC 4100 is Dog fences product which are the invisible fences used to contain your pet dogs within the specified limits of your compound. These dog fences can be electrically operated ones and wireless fences.

What are the benefits of using dog fences? Some benefits of using electric dog fences are that you do not have to worry that your pet dog will wander off into your neighbor’s compound or sneak out into the road without you seeing.

Even when you leave for your vacations you do not have to tie it or lock it in the kennel. Instead, you can leave it to roam around freely and at the same time be sure that it will be within your compound only.

The fences are being used to train the dogs also. The training is done with the help of the transmitter and receiver. These can be used to send out signals understandable by your dog. Also you can use these for more than one pet dog also simultaneously.

Innotek IUC 4100 is a similar training and pet containment system for your dog. This system uses a contoured dog collar and the electric dog fence technology. These systems use rechargeable batteries for environment friendly reasons and top performance. The collar fit receiver has indicator lights to indicate the status of the transmitter and the signals being received. The batteries get charged within two hours and you can start using it again. It is an ISO certified technology for containing your pets.

The Innotek IUC 4100 dog fence system includes a single conductor ground wire, rechargeable collar receiver, indoor transmitter, complete installations DVD, audible and visual wire break alarm, boundary wire, training flags and support numbers, and other accessories.

You can buy these Innotek IUC 4100 electric dog fences from online stores or your nearest local dealer. When you order it online, shipping charges may apply. When you are placing your order, check whether the details of the kit, lists all the required items.

And if you are buying it from a nearby store, you can check the items by self. Check for the warranty, repair and replacement, and service and maintenance details. Before you start using the product, read through the instructions or watch the instruction DVD to know the working of the product. If you require any assistance in the burying of the wires, you can seek professional assistance.

So next time you go out with your family you can leave you pet dogs happily roaming in your courtyard. And you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting into the basement or getting dirty.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wireless Electric Dog Fence 2012 Installation

(1) Wireless electric dog fence are preferred by many as this will not spoil the beauty of your landscape. The steps to install such fence are as given below:

(2) Study and decide the parts or area you want to install your electric dog fence. This can be one single area or two or three various parts of the house.

(3) Contact your zonal authority or the utility providers to insure the area you have chose do not have any utility pipes or wires going beneath.

(4) Calculate the amount of single strand wires you will require. There are chances of errors or wrong calculations. So, always buy yourself 10-15 percent additional wire to be used.

(5) Mark the entire area before digging. You can use the special equipments which cut only the part of ground which is required to bury the wires. This will make your work clean and faster. You may need special saw to cut the obstacle coming in your way.

(6) Now install a transmitter to produce radio signal. Connect the end of the wire to this transmitter and make sure transmitter is fixed in weather –resistant area. Plug in the adaptor which will indicate the power on or off with its light-bulb. Check the connections before you start the transmitter.

(7) Keep the flags or other indicative props to distinguish the border line. Now fix the special collar in your dog’s neck and start giving him training to be inside the borders.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Affordable WiFi Dog Fences 2012 - keep beauty of your house and landscape

Wireless dog fence keep beauty of your house and landscape as it is, while keeping your dog out of prohibited area.

You love to keep a pet dog but you just can’t see them running here and there, out of control. You are always worried if he is gone out of the house and will have dog fight in streets.

You are also the one who feels that even inside the house there should be some areas where dog should not enter.

For requirement like your, there is wireless dog fence available in the market.

To implement typical wireless dog fence one need to dig the area a bit and put in the connected wires in the area you want to cover.

Now, attach the special dog collar to dog’s neck which receives the signal. Whenever your dog will go closer to the prohibited area he will get a very mild current which will be a signal for him not to enter in that area.

You need to give training to your dog in the initial stage and after that they will know where to play and where not to step in.

The latest Wifi Dog Fence is easier to install then the other one.

It comes in a shape of a disk. You keep it in the area you want to restrict and then set the range. You can set the range from 2 ft to 14 ft with standard dog fence.

Best Electric Dog Fence 2012 - Health Issues to Consider

Electric dog fence are effective but it may give long term health issue to your dog.

Selecting electric dog fence may give you your desired result of keeping your dog in safer zone and you don’t have to worry about spoiling the look of the Garden or landscape.

However, one should also think about the side effects and the pain it will give to your dog.

Every time your dog goes to the prohibited area he gets a shock. This can cause a lot of health issues for him. There have been some human experiment conducted and it was proven that it was not that easy was enough painful to make your dog hobble or sick.

The sudden shock can also impact on his heart and lungs. After a long time their skin around the neck as many times the collars are not skin friendly.

The worst is psychological effect. Some dogs may start panicking and in sever case starts getting seizure attacks.

They may refuse to go out of house totally with fear. The shock therapy also causes laziness which will bring weight gaining due to lack of exercise.

The dog also start getting panicked for other training sessions and start feeling that it may get electric shock for other behavior as well.

This type of psychological stress may leads to other physical issues.

There is nothing wrong and drawing the boundary line for your dog but one should think and worry about their dog’s health before selecting the type of dog fence to get installed.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Best Underground Dog Fence Reviews 2012

People are normally confused about which dog fence should they opt for their pet. This dog fence reviews will help you in making a choice for the best one that suits your requirements.

There are many wireless dog fences in the market. Since there is no patent for a dog fence, these are manufactured with many variations and according to the developments introduced by them.

However, with any of them, the dog owners can be guaranteed to get great results, though it is better to look at a variety for them for the best quality and the lowest prices.

There are a few points to consider before choosing a dog fence:

You must know what kind of material is present in the dog fence. You should know what the manufacturer is offering you. Look at the cost and see if it is more than what others are offering for the same stuff.

Decide upon the length of the fence. See how tall it is. If you have a big dog like a Great Dane, then opt for the taller ones.

The various types of dog fences are:

The Wooden Slat Fence: This is also known as the picket fence and is very popular with the homeowners. While this traditional fence is attractive, it is very expensive. Also your pet can easily jump over it and escape.

The Privacy Fence: These are good but have a few disadvantages. They are almost 6 feet tall and block your entire view. Since they are wooden, they are very expensive and the maintenance cost runs high.

The Chain Link Fence: This is mostly used for the commercial dog runs. In this there are pipe posts for supporting the wire that is stretched between them.

The Electric Dog Fence: This is perhaps the best fence and doesn’t even hamper your landscape view. What are the key components of the wireless pet fences that make these such an effective tool in training a dog? There are 3 main components of the entire system:

A wireless transmitter

The water proof collar which your pet wears

A battery module that is water proof

Some people opt for enclosed dog runs. It is a great alternative to setting up the huge fence in your backyard, but did you know that the dog run has to be placed over a cemented area and should be inspected closely?

There are chances that your dog might dig the enclosed dog run. Therefore the best alternative is the electric dog fence which will allow you a piece of mind. Even your dog has the freedom to run and roll in your yard and you can be rest assured that the pet is right there in front of your eyes.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wi-Fi Wireless Dog Fence – For better protection

The earlier wireless dog fence system incorporated the RF or radio frequency technology to create a field of containment around the house.

This became instantly popular with the masses as this did not involve any installation, was simple, portable and worked as effectively as the best of electric fencing system.

However, it had the disadvantage of covering an area of around ninety feet only (about half an acre).

This meant that the dog did not used to get enough exercise area in case of large houses or rural properties where half acre certainly wasn’t enough for the dog.

This disadvantage led to the advent of the Wi-Fi wireless dog fence system. Almost every internet user is aware of the property of Wi-Fi technology.

It allows a net browser to use internet on his/her laptop/computer without connecting it to any wires. The working of this pet containment system is quite similar to that of the RF and the wireless containment device but there are more advantages of this system and some of them are mentioned in the following lines.

The biggest pro of this system is that the Wi-Fi wireless dog fence provides protection for a range of two hundred feet which roughly equates to more than 2.5 acres. This is the best improvement over the RF systems.

Although, many consumers have claimed that they would like systems with even better range, this certainly is going to remain the favorite for quite some time. This is because the space offered is very good and provides ample amount of area and physical activity to the dog.

A Wi-Fi wireless dog system beats all its predecessors in providing a safe, healthy and hassle free containment area for a dog and its owner.