Friday, March 30, 2012

Wireless Dog Fences Cautions

The Wireless Dog Fence is very effective to determine the free area of your dog.

You need to install a wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver and the system is good enough train your dog than any other fencing method.

The receiver will notify by alarming if the dog goes near the boundary. And if the dog does not care about the alarm and cross the fence any way, the collar will give the dog a light electric stimulation.

If the dog continues to move ahead, the shock voltage will increase. But after a certain distance, the stimulation will stop.

That makes it difficult for the aggressive dogs to use the wireless dog fence, because an aggressive dog might just ignore the shock and go away by the free space given.

On the other hand, it may get angry for the shock and makes some serious problem to your property or even to you or any other human beings that comes in its way.

There might be some behavioral change due to the shock which may not lead to anything good.
Another thing you need to be careful to use a wireless dog fence is the wireless dog fence is not suitable for the area where too many people live.

It is more dangerous for the place with children. The reason is the wireless dog fence use electric process which is dangerous by nature if not handle with care.

Although the transmitter does not detect anything without any receiver, you should be extra careful about the children.

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