Sunday, March 25, 2012

Electric Dog Fences - Pros and cons

Are you worried that your dog will get into the garbage, neighbor’s compound, or into the attic when you are not around?

And every time you go out, you have to chain it to the kennel and go, leaving your poor dog barking and whining all day.

Now there is no more need to worry. You can leave your pet safely roaming around when you are not there.

The dog fences are a solution to this problem. Two types of dog fences are available – electric dog fence and wireless dog fence. These are invisible fences which are either buried or wireless.

An electric dog fence is a pet accessory which you can use to put your pet dog in control without roaming out of the specified limits. An electric dog fence has two parts – a wire and a pet collar with a receiver set. The wire is buried underground along the line of the perimeter of the area being fences.

The wire transmits signals. So if your dog crosses or tries to cross the fence, the transmitted signals are picked by the collar set and produce a sound. A mild electric shock also will be given to the dog while crossing the fence, but the shock does not produce any undesired effect on the animal.

The benefit of electric dog fences is that no physical fences need to be created. So you can maintain your landscape design as it is.

Also your pet will stay within the area you specify and will not sneak out without your permission. You can get customized dog collars along with the electric fence.

These collars can be chosen based on your dog’s neck and body color.

The collars are made of light weight materials and will not be irritable on your pet.

It can be made of soft rubber or other materials friendly on your dog’s fur. These collar sets are usually powered by lithium eco-friendly batteries.

These batteries provide long life and do not require changing the batteries often. You can also buy rechargeable batteries for the purpose.

Wireless dog fences do not have wires and is a more innovative way of keeping your pets within your specified area. It has a transmitter and a wireless receiver.

Some wireless dog fence receivers allow you to add more than one dog to the safe list. The collar is made of water resistant material, has three electric correction modes and a beep mode to warn your dog when nearing the fence.

The receiver works on batteries and gives indications of the amount of power left in the battery.

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