Thursday, March 29, 2012

Electric Dog Fence - Set Pet Boundaries Easily

Many pet owners often have difficulties in maintaining pet boundaries. You don’t want your Rover to dig your beautiful front yard. Erecting physical fences spoil the look of your home and it is annoying for your pet too.

The best way to keep your dogs within a fence without any physical fence is to make use of electric dog fence.

In wireless fences, a signal transmitting wire is buried along the area you want to fence. You have to put on a dog collar with a receiver on your favorite dog. The wire will transmit signals to the collar and when your pet tries to cross the fence, it will be immediately notified and a mild electric shock is given to your dog through the collar.

This shock is short enough to cause no harm and long enough to get the attention of your dog. With some training, your dog will learn to keep inside the fence to avoid mild shocks.

The greatest advantage with electric dog fence is that you are giving maximum freedom to your dog while maintaining discipline. As he is an important member of your family, you don’t want to hurt him using chained links. The invisible fencing system is so well designed that your pet will be safe and secure.

Electric dog fence is affordable by anyone. In fact, it is much cheaper than traditional wooden or linked fence. You can change the containment area according to your choice by making a few changes with the wire and collar.

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