Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dog Fence Types 2012

Study all the available options before you chose your dog fence.

Selection of right fence is very important before installation as we do not change dog fence often. Most common and acceptable options are as mentioned below:

Chain-link fences: It is a very common dog fence with series of ironed pipe used for base poles and covered with ironed net with small holes. Small holes allow see through glance but stop dogs from squeeze through. Use of iron made this fence little expensive but long lasting.

Farm fences: This type is often used in the horse farm and for big dogs. The design give and open view but it is not effective in keeping small dogs in. With series of wooden poles connected by horizontal wooden strips make this fence. They are comparatively cheaper.

Privacy fences: This dog fence is installed by nailing wooden planks vertically attached to each other and supported by two horizontal rails at top and bottom. This give no see through place and are used when the owner want privacy. This can be a bit expensive choice.

Picket fences: This is a traditional style of Wireless Dog Fence. The structure is similar to privacy fences. The only difference is picket fences have space between to vertical plank and can be made of wooden or plastic

Hidden fences: Invisible to everybody, hidden fences or electronic fences is buried under ground. Special dog collar gets the radio signal and gives light electronic shock to the dog crossing boundary.

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