Friday, March 16, 2012

Wireless Dog Fence for your loving pets

The setup of a Wireless Dog Fence needs some steps to complete.

The wireless dog fence is a good thing to train your dog. This is a scientific method and you have to install the system in your home manually. The process is not so hard; you just have to follow some basic steps.

First step: First of all, you have to put the transmitter inside the house. The usual range is 110 volts in the USA, Canada or many European countries and 120 for some Asian and some other countries around the world. You need to be sure about the voltage support by the transmitter from the manufacturer or better use a voltage converter.

Second step: Now you have to setup a range of the boundary. The area can vary over your space or the space you want to give the dog. In normal situations, the transmitter can support up to maximum 180 foot range. You can enlarge it by using multiple transmitters. The transmitter works in a circle.

Third step: The next step is to put the collar around the neck of your dog. The collar holds a receiver which will maintain a continuous connection with the transmitter and let you know if the dog is near the boundary. If the dog crosses the boundary, the collar will give it an electric shock to make the dog obey the fence.

While you are setting up the boundary, you should follow the guideline of the manufacturer very carefully to get the maximum result. If you don’t understand anything, you better call for expert help.

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