Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pets Care Tips - What to do when they start fighting

If you have more then one pet in your home and if they start fighting with each other, at that time what you should do is described below for Perfect PET CARE.

(1) Keep Calm mind and need to do to stop them and ensure that they will not be hurt whenever they are fighting. Please remain calm and do not panic. There can be a good reason for you to fear for your welfare and the lives of your pets. But, it will do more good if you keep your cool.

(2) Your Calm mind will help you to think clearly and can either stop the fight or keep the damage at minimum which is beneficial for both - You and Your Pets.

Screaming - It will be very hard to get their attention this way. You will only waste your energy, lose your voice, and start feeling hopeless as

your efforts at shouting at them doesn't seem to work, so Give Up Screaming.

Since you cannot break the fight between your pets by just shouting at them from a corner, you will need to take some action.
First, take out your pet's leashes. Even if they are still fighting, you just approach one pet and slowly try to place the leash on its neck.

Find a place where you can tie the leash and keep one dog in place.

Their fight might still be proceeding at this time. Just let them do so.

You then take out another leash for your other pet. Do the same thing. But, make sure that you tie the other pet on a place that is far from the

other one.

As much as possible, keep one out of sight of the other. This will allow them to calm down and no longer feel aggressive.

After you have separated them from each other, you can place them inside separate cages or kennels.

This will further allow them to cool off by themselves.

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